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Patient Testimonials

Debi W.   51 year-old Diagnosed with Stage III Malignant Melanoma

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Malignant Melanoma in February of 2009. I always knew if I were to get cancer, I would choose Natural Treatments. I had witnessed a family member and a close friend fight cancer with Natural Treatments; they both are cancer free today. After refusing any Treatment options offered by my Conventional Medical Oncologist, I started researching my cancer. I drastically changed my diet, including herbs and vitamins along with acupuncture, and was doing healing sweats with a Medicine Man. I felt very good with the choices I had made and prayed for direction and wisdom each day to strengthen my mind that I was doing everything I needed to be doing. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, dwelled a little fear and doubt, so I continued to pray for direction. Within days of doing so, I accidently came across a Natural channel on T.V.-called Veria Network-which airs a show called the INCURABLES. I watched an extraoridinary story about Joe Brown-Now a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in treating late stage cancer patients, who had Malignant Melanoma stage III/IV cancer.  


I called his office and set up an initial consultation with him which was the best thing I have ever done. I was doing a lot up to this point, things I thought were going to benefit me, but ended up learning so much more about what I needed to be doing that I had never thought of. Then I called a friend of mine, who is a retired Pathologist, and together we extensively researched the treatment and Dr. Joe Brown. My friend was so impressed by the depth of knowledge, integrity, and openness shown from Dr. Brown that I knew this treatment was what I needed. My friend who was a Pathologist with a vast knowledge of the Medical Field told me, "You had better get down and do Dr. Brown's Treatment! Dr. Brown knows what he's doing." I knew I had to hit this cancer as aggressively and as hard as I could.


Once I started treatment and witnessed the true compassion that Dr. Brown has for each and everyone of his patients, I realized that this direction was what I needed to overcome my cancer and have a complete peace of mind with my diagnosis. After three days of treatment, I no longer had joint pain, had no symptoms from my cancer and my energy level increased drastically. Visiting daily with Maggie, Dr. Brown's Office Manager, who is very dedicated and passionate, made me feel so warm and welcome. I look back now and feel my cancer was truly a gift to me; I am one more CANCER SURVIVOR WHO CHOSE A NATURAL OPTION WITH



Due to this treatment with Dr. Brown, I have learned a much healthier lifestyle that will only benefit my future. I feel and hope my story may help someone else realize THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS FOR CANCER TREATMENT.


UPDATE: 3 MONTHS POST TREATMENT - Debi has had a needle biopsy of the original tumor area and a CT scan completed of her body- both which have came back normal and show no cancer anywhere in her body.


Debi, W. - Riverton, Wyoming

United States



Beth D.   51 year-old Diagnosed with Q Fever (Coxiella burnetii) and Sister of a Patient with Malignant Melanoma Cancer

I will never forget hanging up after receiving a phone call from my husband that made a huge impact on my life. He had called to tell me that one of my dearest friends and beloved foster sister had cancer, which turned out to be Stage 3 Malignant Melanoma. Although I'm not easily disgruntled, I sat down and cried for a few moments, then became filled with determination to stand behind her and anger at this horrible disease for striking her. Debi went through her ordeal with courage and a strong mind, and I tried to give her every bit of support that I could. We both had experienced close ones having cancer before; some lived, while others did not. We had seen a lot of suffering along the way and had talked aobut Natural Treatments versus traditional and seen success with Natural Treatments.


I knew what I felt, however didn't want to influence Debi's decision on her own treatment choices. We had prayer chains started, healing sweats with the Medicine Man, and prayed a lot in our own lives. Debi made the decision to change her diet, use herbs and vitamins, and refused the options given her by an Oncoligst. She researched her disease thoroughly and continued to pray for dierection to help her conquer the cancer. When we went to see Debi and her family one day, Debi had us watch a T.V. show she had taped called "THE INCURABLES" off Veria Network they had seen about Dr. Joe Brown, who had been diagnosed with malignant Melanoma 11 years ago and survived using Natural Treatments.


Debi and a friend, a retired Pathologist, researched both the treatments and Dr. Brown and were so impressed with Dr. Brown's expertise and vast knowledge of cancer and Alternative Treatments. Debi knew this was the direction she wanted to take. I was fortunatate to be able to go to Arizona with Debi  and was forever touched by the experiences we saw and shared.


Dr. Brown and his Office Manager-Maggie, were some of the most sincere and compassionate people I have ever met. Their daily interactions with others were always so positive and supportive, as well as professional. I was touched by the true caring and hard work they did each and everyday, and always with a smile on their faces.


Debi is well on her way to recovery now and I was able to witness this healing with several other patients of Dr. Brown's as well. When I finally asked if cancer was all Dr. Brown treated, I found he dealt with a myriad of health issues using Natural Treatments. This discovery led me to becoming one of his patients while I was down there in Arizona and he helped me overcome the after effects of being treated for a disease called Q fever or Coxiella burnetii 4 years ago.


I felt better immediately from Dr. Brown's I.V. protocol and supplmentation and diet, and now have a tremendous amount of energy and no pain at all. This is one road I will always be grateful I travelled while being taught so much in the process from Dr. Brown's wisdom and experience. He is a man who has compassion, wisdom, and experience way beyond his years.


It has been a great pleasure to get to know "Dr. Joe Brown" and "Maggie", who in my eyes are true and humble heroes.


Beth D. - Riverton, Wyoming

United States



Jack C.   72 year-old Diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

-Written by his wife Arlene


Jack was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in February of 2007. Jack was assigned an Oncologist who stated Jack had 6-12 months to live and that he could offer Jack chemotherapy with might lengthen his stay from 1-3 months longer. After hearing this heart wrenching news, we discussed this after getting past the initial shock, and felt that chemotherapy would make him very weak and kill all good as well as bad cells. We decided against chemotherapy and started researching Alternative and Integrative Medicine.


We visited 3 different Naturopathic Doctors, who were recommended to us. We had also read online articles briefly mentioning the Gerson diet. The 3rd doctor, Dr. Joe Brown, we interviewed, gave us a very good feeling. He was confident and very specific with his plan of care, as this is all he does is work with patients with cancer. And as a past cancer Survivor himself and spending countless time focused in the area of Oncology with a focus on other Natural Treatments we knew this was the Doctor to go to. He explained everything clearly and thoroughly and stated this would include a customized plan for Jack. Jacks treatments would be focused on the IV Treatments and Injection therapies from Germany and Switzerland, which increase White Blood cells and thus fight the cancer and reduce the tumor growth and size. He also reviewed a very limited diet that he would place Jack on to help to alkalinize the body.   


We were also so very impressed by the information Dr. Brown told us regarding his own survival from Stage III/IV melanoma cancer. This was over 9 and a half years ago. And from all the patients we had ever met, all of his patients were having good outcomes and only positive results.


Jack later passed away from a complication to a low potassium level due to medication his Cardiologist adjusted for Jacks heart- not from pancreatic cancer. Upon this complication he was sent to the hospital and due to his past history of pancreatic cancer, along with the myriad of tests that are run in the hospital, they reran his tumor markers and scans of his organs. Jacks CA 19-9 markers (a marker used to track pancreatic cancer) were within range and after running scans in the hospital due to his past history there was no cancer shown on any scans that were completed.


Idaho - United States



Ken L.   55 year-old male Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

As a former health care provider, when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006, I did my due diligence to learn as much about treatment options as possible. I considered the traditional medical approached of surgery or radiation, both of which come with potential unpleasant and permanent side effects. 


Fortunately, I had the good fortune to be referred to Dr. Joe Brown. Dr. Brown immediately put me at ease, explaining to me that not only were there many other Treatment Options, but also that I had time to explore them. He empowered me with knowledge that was not forthcoming from the other specialists with whom I had met. This was especially true in the area of the High Dose I.V. therapy, Injections of Around the World that he uses, Iscador injections, a complete diet specifically designed for patients with cancer and an oral supplemenation plan, all to increase white blood cell counts, natural killer cell activity and apoptotic reactions to enhance the immune system to such a degree so it does what it should have done in the first place. In regards to the diet portion of it, he gave special attention to this, due to it seems to be a primary cause of prostate cancer.


Since then, I have improved my diet to enhance internal self healing, and have undertaken a course of IV treatments with Dr. Brown to boost my own immune system. The results has been a significant drop in my PSA levels. I have had no  "side effects", I have maintained my correct weight and I quickly seen a lowering of my cholesterol and triglycerides to their lowest level in 25 years. I have complete confidence in Dr. Brown and would recommend his office and treatments to anyone.


I have been so impressed with Dr. Brown's common sense approach to cancer treatment. He is without a doubt the most knowledgeable person I have met in the area of Immunology and Nutrition. More than that, I have found his compassion and concern for my well-being to be a huge support during what would be a very stressful time for most people. He is much more than just a doctor.


Dr. Kenneth Law-Davis





Kenneth Law-Davis, President,

Avalon Financial Advisors LLC

Direct 480-221-5907




Dan N.    69 year-old male Diagnosed with Stage IV Prostate Cancer that had metastasized to the Bone


Dr. Joe,


Please allow me the opportunity to express my appreciation and thanks for the treatment and care that I have received from you and your staff since being diagnosed with cancer in August 2007. I met you shortly after being told I was dealing with prostate cancer that had metastasized to my bones. Knowing that the metasasis had already taken place on the day of diagnosis, and being told I was facing stage 4 cancer certainly gave me cause for concern. I had made up my mind many years previous that should I ever be faced with cancer treatment, I would seek out Alternative/Natural methods to treat it.


Thank the Good Lord that He placed you in my path early on, and I began treatment with you about 30 days after diagnosis. At first, I was pleasantly surprised that the various MD's I visited had not recommended chemotherapy or radiation, later to find out, that they seemed to be saying to me that bone cancer does not go away and were preparing me to live with it and tht I should not expect anything other than gradual progression of the bone lesions. Upon my first consultation with you I learned of Your I.V. treatment, and began that right away. That, along with the rather radical change in diet (which no MD has ever mentioned) plus the oral supplements that you suggested, the progress has been rather amazing, or perhaps miraculous would be a better word. I say that because of the fact that there has been an army of prayer warriors, literally from around the world, offering their support.


The prayers are being answered. A recent PET scan has revealed that two spots on my ribs and one on my femur are no longer cancerous!  The remaining spots on my pelvis and spine are diminishing. The Oncologist stated tht within a year with what I was doing he could see me in complete remission. My belief is that it will happen by August of this year, which is one year after diagnsosis.


There is one other dimension of your treatment that must be mentioned, Dr. Joe, which is the positive and caring attitude that encompasses your office and IV room. You and your staff offer all of us a very pleasant feeling of being loved while we are in this difficult time of our lives. I look forward to coming in and experiencing that warmth as well as the camaraderie that we patients enjoy with each other.


I have to thank God many times for bringing us together, and I wish for you continued success in your practice.


Warm regards,


Dan N.

Tempe, Arizona




Judi K.  64 year-old female Diagnosed with Stage IV Rectal Cancer with Metastases to the Lungs Bilaterally


What an adventure. I am recuperating from colorectal cancer. I am self-educated in nutrition. I eat right, proper portion size, minimal sweets and exercise. I never took into account stress though. I was under an unusually high stress from trying to keep a business from crashing that I owned.


When I was diagnosed, I didnt know which way to turn, conventional Treatment or Alternative Treatment. Because I thought I was doing everything that I should to prevent such a diagnosis, I went conventional. The medical field had me terrified and warned me not to take any vitamins. They said it would interfere with the chemo and could interfere with the treatments. Sick! I was very sick from doing chemotherapy to the point of having a hard time moving about the house. I already knew of Dr. Joe Brown and his work with patients with cancer and the Integrative and Alternative Treatments he was using for patients with cancer, but I was not sure of myself and what to do. Boy, do I know better now.


After getting to the point of being so deathly sick from conventional treatments and a grim diagnosis, I started Dr. Browns treatments and eating plan 1 month after my last radiation treatment. The progress I made in just 1 week startled my doctors. The one doctor didnt recognize me as his patient. I was in a wheel chair with my head hanging the last time he saw me. In two weeks after starting with Dr. Brown, I was driving and going for longer walks. What they were feeding me in the hospital according to their dietitian was actually counter productive in terms of stopping my cancer from spreading, as there are certain foods that aid or feed cancer cells and act like fuel for cancer to continue to grow. Dr. Brown redirected my diet and got me off these foods and on a specific diet for patients with cancer.


I still shake my head in disbelief that they thought Jell-O, soda, make believe cheese, white bread, artificial sweeteners and as many sweets as you wanted was good to eat, yet they didnt want me to take any vitamins. Go figure.


Dr. Brown has the answers and experience as he was once diagnosed with cancer himself and over come it. He is so right on.


Thank you Dr. Brown.    Oh! All my scans are coming back normal.

Judi K.

Tempe, Az.- United States




Ann H.  58 year-old female Diagnosed with Diabetes Type II, and also came in to Lose Weight

Using Dr. Browns Mesotherapy/Lipotherapy Injections


Dear Dr. Brown


I wanted to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks. I feel better than great and everyone around me notices the healthier me.


Where do I begin?  I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes several years ago.  I have been on medication for those years and have become frustrated with the medications and the lack of direction from other professionals.


I recently became aware of Natural Alternatives and contacted Dr. Joe Brown, which was the best decision of my life.


Dr. Brown took me through a personalized program designed for my needs and life-style.  His step by step therapy, nutritional and diet changes; supplements and individual attention allowed me to stop the medications.  My blood sugars are right on target and so is my blood pressure.


Dr. Brown started the Lipo-Injections on me and I have lost weight, which was almost impossible before.  I do not have cravings and I do not feel hungry.  The extra energy has allowed me to enjoy bike riding, which I love and running after my 2-year-old grandson.


I cant begin to explain how great I feel.  I am energetic; sleeping well and my attitude has changed.  I am a much happier person and am no longer plagued by the side effects from medications.


Last week I reached my first goal.  I did a charity bike ride completing 26.5 miles in 2.5 hours.  This may not seem like much to an avid road bicyclist but two months ago, I could not even ride 5 miles. 


I thought I would have to stay on medications the rest of my life but I was able to take control with Dr. Browns help and its great being free. I cant express how good it feels to be on the road to a healthier life-style.


PS By my cooking and eating healthier, I have passed that along to my husband and have lightened his body and lengthened his life as well.


Thanks Dr. Brown


Ann H.

Scottsdale, Arizona- United States




Marie-Anne V.    47 year old female, previously Diagnosed and struggling with a Chronic Fungal Infection and complications that have persisted leading to Thyroid and other long-term problems. 


 I discovered Dr. Joe Brown while reading "The Valley of the Sun Wellness Institute" magazine in my doctors waiting room, where I noticed him as a Senior Board Member. My health had progressively been deteriorating for the past four years and I was desperate to find a real doctor who would help me get rid of an invasive fungal infection that was taking over my entire body. I was exhausted and in constant pain. Here is what happened:


I.                     2004 BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE DISEASE


  1. 2004 massive fungal infection in my tonsils.
  2. Antibiotics fail to stop the infection.
  3. Fungus is left untreated and starts invading throat and organs.
  4. Thyroid starts acting out and swelling like my tonsils (all at the same time).
  5. 2006 tonsil surgery (cancer free the only test performed on sick organs)
  6. 2007 Thyroid surgery (cancer free the only test performed on sick organs)
  7. Fungus is now in my throat, lymphatic system, breast, ears, chest bones and jaw.
  8. I saw a good dozen of doctors (family, endocrinologist, ENT, gastro MDs) who diagnosed me with a new hereditary or chronic disease each time I saw them.
  9. 2007: Before meeting Dr. Brown, I spent $10,000.00 in medical bills only to get sicker and weaker. My money was running out.





  1. Doctor Joe Brown, Naturopathic doctor saved his own life from skin cancer- Melanoma stage III/IV about 10 years ago.
  2. His methods to treat and cure all patients are simple: boost your immune system thru a myriad of treatments, including; injections using High dose i.v. therapy and Iscador formula that induces the multiplication of Immune cells and macrophages in your blood.
  3. Detoxify the body with high doses of I.V.s and separately using Glutathione to further boost your immunity.
  4. Strict diet to follow: no sugar, no salt, no dairy, no meat, no grains (mold settles in grain storage), no yeast (no bread, no wine, no beers). What is left to eat? Fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and fish (no farmed fish).
  5. Maintain your PH at 7.3.
  6. Supplement your diet with Probiotics and herbs. Use distilled vinegar and olive oil for salad dressing. Use green tea with lemon for breakfast.




I am healing fast. I have not felt like this in years. I am now optimistic because within two weeks that I have been treated with Doctor Brown, I have seen my swollen glands shrink. I can have a life again. I also have to add that I enjoyed going to Doctor Browns office because he is compassionate, humble and shares information. It is like going to a family meeting. There is trust, happiness and empathy. I have my life back!!


Here is Doctor Joe Browns site:

Doctor Brown takes care of patients of who are very sick: Cancer, AIDS, Chronic Diseases, etc

Doctor Brown can treat and cure everybody without exception.

Give this information to your family and friends. Do not waste your time and money with your doctors. Blood tests for fungus are inconclusive because we all have fungus in our body. It may not show in your results if it is localized to one organ only. Specific tests need to be run for this purpose. Medical Doctors do not study fungal invasion in medical schools! The most prevalent organism on the planet!! PS: A PIECE OF ADVICE:  BE AN INFORMED PATIENT. SEE DR. BROWN


Marie-Anne V.

France / Arizona




Leon S.    74 year old male Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer


I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in September 2007. Thanks to Dr. Joe Brown, I went through the scheduled radiation treatments that were recommended by my Oncologist, along with Dr. Joe's I.V. and Injection protocol and had no side effects at all!  I now know the positive effects of good nutrition combined with the treatments I received from Dr. Brown. This experience turned out to be very informative, Dr. Brown led me thru the process explaining exactly what needed to be done, and it has given me a positive outcome, as I an now Cancer-Free!


Leon S.

Mesa, Arizona




Richard L.    63 year old male, Diagnosed with Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Pre-Cancerous Lesions, and Sciatic pains due to a previous back injury.


I originally heard Dr. Joe Brown speaking as he was the Co-Host of Natural Talk Radio and later contacted him regarding an appointment in his office for conditions of High Blood Pressure, Pre-cancerous skin lesions, Heart Health and preventative care, and sciatic pains I was having due to a slipped disc three years previous from a back injury.


To my surprise the dozen or so treatments by Dr. Brown not only helped clear up my skin issues I was having but a recent dermatology appointment that I went to concluded that I

no longer had any pre-cancerous lesions present. I was beyond happy when I was told this, as I was very concerned about this, as it was an ongoing issue I have dealt with for quite sometime. Furthermore, my blood pressure, which was markedly high, was normal within a few appointments with Dr. Brown and the sciatic pain in my leg completely subsided.


This was also very important to me, because it was something that had been plaguing my daily workout and living routine and now is completely resolved.  


I now see Dr. Joe Brown every 3 weeks for ongoing prevention and for the camaraderie that I fine from interacting with Dr. Brown, his staff and the other patients in his office.


Richard L.

South Carolina / Arizona




Kristi M.  36 year-old female Came in due to Fatigue and for Dr. Browns Mesotherapy/Lipotherapy Injections (As Seen On T.V.)


I lost all the weight from my 3 pregnancies, but was very frustrated because I was not able to get rid of the cellulite on my upper thighs.  I'm a slender woman who works out 5 days a week, and have very healthy, disciplined eating habits.  Dieting was not an option for me, as I didn't want to loose weight-- that's when I met Dr. Joe Brown.


In just 4, Lipo-dissolve appointments with Dr. Brown, I reached my goal of loosing 2 inches on each thigh and around my midsection and low buttock region.  Dr. Brown is exceptional, and I'd recommend him to any one.


Flight Attendant based in PHX          

Kristi M.

Phoenix Az. United States




Blanche W.   67 year old female Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Type II Diabetes Uncontrolled and side effects from Chemotherapy


The First day that I entered Dr. Joe Brown's office I could barely walk down the hall to the Initial Consult Room, and I mean literally, I could barely walk. I had many things going on that I needed help with; a Very High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes Type II Uncontrolled, and most of all, Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. I had started Chemotherapy previous to my daughter in Chicago finding out about Dr. Brown. Due to the chemotherapy, I was having many side effects, including neuropathy which was really plaguing me. The chemotherapy and surgeries had definitely taken their tole on me. 


I immediately began treatment, and within a few I.V.'s and being placed on his diet and supplement routine, the neuropathy had totally subsided, I was off all of my medications I came in on and after running follow up scans to detect cancer, there was no cancer showing up. Dr. Brown had brought on remarkable changes for me. My body no longer hurts, I am able to get up from a chair and couch again without assistance, something I couldn't do previously. I recently had another scan for cancer and nothing is showing up, I am so Grateful for finding

Dr. Joe Brown.  



Blanche W.

Phoenix, Arizona




Anne J. 62 year-old Female, Diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the oral cavity, with mets to the lymphnodes and base of tongue


Dear Dr. Joe,

Thank you so much for all your concern, and for sharing your knowledge of how to vercome cancer. Since I first entered your office in May of 2008 I have felt so cared for and cared about by you and your staff. You have changed my life in many ways. I no longer eat meat, dairy, wheat, caffeine, alcohol, salt of sugar. Instead I juice fruits and vegetables and your favorite food, garlic and I eat a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits as well as eggs and wild caught ocean fish. I also drink water all day, exercise more than before, and I am steadily losing weight.


I have felt so much better since I began the high-dose vitamin I.V. treatments with the Glutathione and Iscador Injections. I have a lot more energy, and my other doctors are pleased with how quickly I am healing from my surgeries.


The group setting that you have in the treatment room is also such a big bonus because we can all share our experiences, offer each other encouragement and swap recipes for a whole new eating style. The camaraderie is so soothing to those of us facing serious illnesses, because no one else can understand the trauma we are experiencing.


Dr. Joe, you are our mentor and our guide. You have walked the path we are on, and you have been victorious over cancer. The fact is that you are a beacon of hope for all of us who are  going through treatment. Your personal experience has made you much more empathetic to all of your patients.

Thank you so much for caring about me.



Anne J.

Chandler, Arizona



Monica U. 47 year-old Female, Diagnosed with Stage II/III Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast 


Dr. Brown,

I am  "eternally grateful, forever in your debt, how can I ever repay you" and so much more than that!!


Truly, there are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for "YOU" and all you have done for me. Your support and care. I am the lucky one, to be in Your Care. Your are an Amazing person and Im SO BLESSED that YOU ARE MY DOCTOR!!! 


Monica U.

Tempe, Arizona



Dennis M. 64 year-old Male, Diagnosed with Stage III Colon cancer with spread to surrounding lymphnodes


I was diagnosed with cancer in my Small Intestine. After going through surgery as my Surgeon and Oncologist suggested, I was informed that they found more cancer in the surrounding lymph-nodes. Not knowing it at the time, but once there is cancer found outside of the primary tumor location, surgery is no longer an option, and chemotherapy is now what is recommended by the Medical Oncologists. Something no one expects or looks forward to.


Well, where do I begin? When diagnosed with the cancer, I didn't know what to do, and where to turn. We were extremely blessed by God when an acquaintance told us he had seen Dr. Joe Brown on Good Morning Arizona on Channel 3 T.V.   Dr. Joe Brown had Won the SPIRIT AWARD from Channel 3 T.V.  


So....after much research by a few members of my family I chose to go and see Dr. Joe at his office. It was there that HOPE began. I was always greeted by friendly smiles. Dr. Joe wanted to know me, not just hear about my diagnosis. I was a person with a diagnosis, not just a diagnosis. He listened to EVERYTHING I had to say. He never cut our conversation short. He answered every question until I was satisfied never making me feel for a minute, that I was taking up his time. He is the most caring and genuinely concernced Doctor I have ever met. I felt that I received the treatment at the level that any relative or loved one of his own, would have received. He treated me like I was his family.


I was constantly encouraged and the atmosphere was ALWAYS POSITIVE. Don't get me wrong, Doc pulls no punches. He tells it like it is and expects cooperation for results but he was in it with me for the long haul....if that's what it took. When I did go and do a round of chemo, I started with Dr. Brown first, and literally had NO SIDE EFFECTS of the chemo, which astonished all who knew what I was going through.


I am happy to report that my last 3 scans were negative (COMPLETELY NORMAL) as well as all my blood work!!  I will continue to follow up with Dr. Joe and consider him not only my Doctor but my friend, which I'm sure all his patients feel because that's just the way he is.


Thanks Dr. Joe for following your calling. YOU ARE A BLESSING!!


Dennis M.

Phoenix, Arizona




Bertha V. 48 year-old female, Breast Cancer Survivor Stage IIIB - Diagnosed August 2002


When I was diagnosed, I prayed and meditated everyday. I new nothing about cancer or about Alternative Medicine. I thought the only choice I had was conventional treatment. I tried to educate myself on nutrition and all my health issues.


Conventional doctors tell you nothing about nutrition or other treatments that may be available. I immediately started juicing and changing my diet. I had other CANCER SURVIVORS tell me about Alternative Treatments and Naturopathic Doctors. But at the time, I did nothing to look into Alternative Medicine. After completing chemotherapy, I was told I was in remission, after I completed the 6 cycles from Hell. I completed a total of 10 cycles of chemo and 7 weeks of radiation. After 10 months of conventional treatment, I was left life-less.


I am a firm believer that the conventional treatment will kill you before the cancer will. I was recommended to see a Holistic Doctor in the valley, which  I decided to go with the protocol she put together. Way too many procedures to mention.


I then came across Dr. Joe Brown's testimony approximately 1 year ago, while shopping at SunFlower Markets. I was impressed with his Testimony, because when I was going thru the conventional treatment, my husband, daughters, family and friends were very supportive, but what was extremely important to me was to talk to another cancer survivor. Dr. Brown is a Cancer Survivor himself. This is extremely important as he knows exactly what you're going through, as he once was as well. He's lived this battle.  


Dr. Brown new exactly how I felt, mentally, emotionally and physically. Previous to meeting Dr. Brown, I started feeling very tired and my joints were aching pretty severely. I was doing what the Holistic Doctor had suggested but wasn't getting any better. As well as I had a few other helath issues I was dealing with. I realized I needed to find a Doctor that could help me, someone who understood the diagnosis that I had been given. I did not want to go back to the Holistic Doctor, as I felt I needed more Advanced Alternative Care.


I would not even think of going to a conventional doctor, because what's so typical is just being placed on more pharmaceutical drugs. I refuse to take any drugs.


The more I prayed, God guided me to call Dr. Brown. I also shared with Dr. Brown I would never want to go thru chemo or radiation as long as I am alive, ever again. Dr. Brown put together my own Personal Protocol. My pain decreased by 50% with the very first I.V. Treatment. He also placed me on diet and supplement regimen that was detailed specifically for my case.  I could not believe how much better I felt. I am doing so good I still continue to go in just for maintenance treatments.

I feel like I can start living again!   


Please call Dr. Brown and find out what he can do for you. Dr. Brown, with your personal experience as a Cancer Survivor-You are the BEST!!!!    I continue to Thank God for bringing us together.

May God continue to bless You and your practice and all your patients.


Sincerely, Bertha V.

Tempe, Arizona





Support & Links;


Valley of the Sun Wellness Institute (VSWI)-


Dr. Joe Brown is a Senior Advisor of the Valley of the Sun Wellness Institue, a Non-Profit Organization, which is in association with all of the East valley Chamber's of Commerce, including the Chandler Chamber of Commerce in which many events are scheduled this year in 2008 to raise money to for Alternative Health Care for people who cannot afford it. We will be giving Grants for the Health Care Scholarships throughout the year and are teaming up with Janet Napolitano to raise public awareness of Health Care here in Arizona and eventually throughout the United States and World.


The MelonHead Foundation-


Dr. Joe Brown has been appointed by the MelonHead Foundation to serve as their acting physician in treating patients that are diagnosed with childhood cancer. The MelonHead Foundation is also a Non-Profit Organization that directly helps provide funds to patients families thru giving monies directly to the patient or patient's family and/or their Naturopathic Doctor to provide that patient the treatment they so desperately need.



*Doctor's Nutrition Center-


-Owned and operated by Dr. Dennis and Eve Clark.

Doctor's Nutrition Center offers Physican Grade supplements that you won't find at other Nutrition stores.

I would Highly recommend their store to get your Physician Grade Supplements!!




*Alternative Medicine and Alternative Medicine Schools

Description: Holistic Junction is your source for Holistic Practitioners; Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Reflexology and other Alternative Healing Schools; Alternative Medicine; Insightful Literature and so much more!



*Dr. Steven Brown (No Relation), is a Chiropractor here in Arizona who specializes in Chiropractic adjustments, sports medicine, body building etc, can be found here in Tempe, Arizona at the following link;




*If you are looking for the other Dr. Joe Brown (Also No Relation), the clinical Psychologist who works out of Massachusetts, his site is here;

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