Alternative Cancer Treatments Integrative Oncology:   Expanding your choices for cancer treatment. There are more options.

Dr. Joe Brown, Naturopathic Doctor;


-Awarded the "Princeton's Top Doctors" of 2009 - New York


- Winner of the Spirit Award-2008-Presented by Channel 3 T.V.-Good Morning Arizona



-Winner of the Hero Award from 104.7 F.M. Radio,


-Senior Advisory Board Member of VSWI (Valley of the Sun Wellness Institute),


-Past CoHost of 1310 A.M. radio every Saturday at 3 p.m., and


-Awarded the "Who's Who of Physicians" of 2008- New York,

plays an integral part in the healing of patients diagnosed with cancer, through educating patients on their condition and providing them choices on their treatment plan. Using an Integrative model, by combining Naturopathic modalities with the latest scientific research, giving you, the patient, the treatment options you need.


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